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It's a small world after all.....

So the weekend before Christmas, Lisa and I went up to Chicago with some dear friends to do a little sight-seeing, eating and drinking. We had a ball, hit the Christkindlmarket on Dealey Plaza,  Eataly Chicago, Pizano's Pizza, Lincoln Park Zoo, Ann Sathers, Michigan Avenue, Wrigley Field, and well you get the idea. 

I took a small, artsy-fartsy rangefinder camera with me, not the big Nikon beasts I usually shoot with.  I love shooting street photography and it's perfect for that kind of thing. It's digital, but it's kind of old-school, with knobs and dials, and yes, even manual focus. It's all scratched and dented up. It makes me smile. 

We had walked through the beautiful Lincoln Park Conservatory and I was standing outside taking in the skyline when a young man asked if I would take he and his girlfriend's picture with his cell phone.

 This happens to me a lot, I must either look very honest or very slow, not sure which. 

Anyway, I obliged and the young man took …

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