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Old friends, new friends

One of the really great things about this job is getting to meet some pretty awesome people. People ask me about 'Bridezillas' but we really haven't ever had one. I have yet to have a client I wouldn't work with again.

    So one of our favorite weddings was Alex and Hillary's that we shot back in Oct. of 2015. Just a great couple, great families. Got to shoot a lot of really cool, new-to-us locations in Dubuque. Alex comes from a family of boys, an older brother and twin younger brothers. You could tell these guys were close.

     We shot one of my all time favorites at this wedding, the dip in Dubuque's Milltown District. A lot of things were working that day, we had great light, Hillary looked amazing, Alex looked like a stud,  the drape of her arm, the pop of color from the bouquet, the cars provide leading lines, and I really can't say enough about Alex and Hillary's dip itself. POW! I'm pretty sure they had been practicing.

   Fast forwa…

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