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Best of 2020

So...2020? Yes, Lisa and I are probably as happy it's come to an end and are as anxious as you all are for 2021. We had a lot of scrambling and rescheduling, but it was nothing compared to the sacrifices and stress our brides and grooms went through this year. We started with 18 weddings and ended up shooting 12 with several rescheduling for next year and just two outright canceling. We again can't thank our brides and grooms for working to keep their families and friends and vendors like us safe during this time. As for our best of 2020, I didn't pick them in any order, no favorites. Some made the list because they are technically strong photos, others just because they made me smile. Ultimately, the job is about capturing joy, and as far as jobs go, it's really not a bad one. 2021 is shaping up to be a busy year for us and we really can't wait. If you are a couple looking at vendors, I would encourage you to make decisions sooner rather than later as dates for es

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