First Looks

One of  my favorite couples, Ashley and Boz during their reveal before their wedding ceremony.  I love Boz's reaction and it allowed us to get the bulk of their formal photography finished before the wedding. 

One of the things my brides and grooms all seem to wrestle with is the idea of the first look, should it happen as she walks down the aisle or is a quiet reveal before the ceremony better? 

I don't know that what I am going to say will sway you either way, but I do have some input that may help. Weddings are steeped in tradition and I'm not going to argue against traditions, like not seeing each other before the ceremony starts. 

However, a quiet reveal before the ceremony starts has a lot of positives. 

I think some brides and grooms are more comfortable with a private reveal and with that comfort, I think you get a more genuine response from grooms. 

Not everyone is a fan of showing a lot of public emotion in front of a crowd of people. I think some guys get a little shell-shocked when everyone at the venue is looking at them. 

A quiet moment before (we usually shoot what we need and then let our couples have a moment or two together) can really help a case of the nerves.

Another big plus, if you are tight on time after the ceremony, It also allows you to get the bulk of the wedding portraits done before the ceremony. 

Not seeing each other usually means separate sessions for bride and bridesmaids and groom and groomsmen. It stretches out the day and means one party of the other has to be in hiding for a portion of it.   

Ultimately, it's your decision and we at Two Rivers Photography are more than happy to abide by whatever you decide. 


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